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A whale of a find

Citycare Water teams sometimes come across interesting objects where they’re working in the country’s wastewater networks, and recently an exciting, historical find needed an archaeologist’s explanation.

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School Visit 17 Feb 23 01 edit

Te Mana o te Wai - Valuing our water

Water is such an integral part of our business and our lives outside of work that we want to mark World Water Day and celebrate the fantastic efforts our Citycare Water team make today and every day.

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Lansdowne 6

Bulls, bees, magpies and wild pigs

Avoiding bulls, bees, magpies and wild pigs and overcoming the obstacles of dense gorse and bracken is all in a day’s work for crews maintaining the Lansdowne rural water scheme for runholders in the hills to the south of Christchurch.

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Waitara 1

Flood gate testing

Citycare Water staff have a reputation and legacy as first responders during emergencies and extreme weather events and they also actively prepare to manage risk and protect our communities should these events occur.

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Krishna Kaliappan3

Insights from data

Collecting data on the day-to-day operations of potable water networks is a core responsibility for Citycare Water as the information assists our clients with their decision-making on water assets.

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Backflow 2

Backflow prevention work

Citycare Water is working with the Christchurch City Council (CCC) to improve the safety of the city’s public water supply by reducing the threat of contamination by backflow.

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Always have your learning mindset on

How many people can say they truly love what they do? Taniela has recently been promoted to Supervisor of Metering and Hydrants for Citycare Water in Auckland. He is leading a team of two who are working and earning, while also getting qualified.

CCTV - the camera detectives

Our teams are a part of the fabric of our communities. A Citycare truck or van parked on the side of the road is a common sight.

CCTV Timaru 4 low res

CCTV camera detectives

Closed-circuit television specialists are the Citycare Water detectives who investigate what is causing stormwater and wastewater pipe blockages for councils all over New Zealand. In the past, pinpointing the location of a drainage problem relied on guess work and digging a big hole.

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Collingwood DTS manhole2

Technology reduces the risk of untreated water discharge

In a first for the Southern Hemisphere, Citycare Water is using the latest technology to pinpoint temperature changes in water networks and reduce the risk of untreated water being discharged into the environment.

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Good day for a lift

A small leak leads to a massive hillside clean-up

Innovative thinking by the Citycare Water maintenance team was needed recently to solve the difficult problem of a hillside washout caused by a small water leak at Taylor’s Mistake, Christchurch.

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