Citycare Water recognises its duty, as a leading provider of construction, maintenance and management services, to conduct business in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner.

In order to achieve this Citycare Water has established an Environmental Management Framework that:

  • integrates environmental management into daily business activities.
  • incorporates environmental practices that complement and improve operational efficiency.
  • encourages, where practical the adoption of environmental best practice.
  • demonstrates management’s commitment to environmental protection and the prevention of pollution.
  • fosters a companywide culture of continually improving our environmental performance.
  • meets the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

More specifically, Citycare Water will:

  • establish achievable, measurable business objectives that improve our environmental performance.
  • comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and consents.
  • identify and address the environmental impacts of our activities, both beneficial and adverse.
  • communicate environmental management practices to staff and support their full implementation.
  • measure and reduce emissions and waste;
  • encourage the efficient use of resources promoting, where practical, reduction, reuse and recycling.
  • engage with the community on environmental matters and support meaningful community initiatives.