Citycare Water cares for our team, the communities in which we operate and our impact on the planet.

We invest in our people and support them in growing their careers and skills, with opportunities to step up and progress within the organisation. We invest in upskilling our teams, helping to support people to attain new skills and competencies that provide them with the ability to better complete their job and ensure lifelong learning.

Across the country, Citycare Water has engaged with our communities through local environmental as well as educational and career development initiatives.

The strength of our community presence is reflected in our educational and career-building initiatives, creating awareness about opportunities in our three waters operations for future generations.

Our community connections can be seen through a bunch of community activities, including volunteer events Conservation Volunteers and our sponsorship of the Tread Lightly Trust Drain Game in Auckland. Our support of the Conservation Volunteers and schemes like 2 in a Ute add value to our people and our communities and are a clear demonstration of our commitment to We Care.

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