New Zealand’s largest and most trusted three waters provider.

Safe, mature and experience driven-IP in all aspects of civil infrastructure.

Integrated property service solutions that deliver on specified outcomes

We discover. We deliver. We care.

Citycare Water

As New Zealand’s largest and most trusted three waters provider, Citycare maintains over 20,000kms of piping networks to over 24% of properties throughout the country. We deliver reliable, sustainable, smart service solutions with powerful real-time asset information to drive efficiencies and cost savings for our clients.

Our ambition is to become a ‘mega’ Water business by becoming invaluable as the construction and long-term maintenance delivery arm for Local Authorities and their Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs) - not just another contractor, but a business that is inherently part of the nation’s conversation about three waters.

We take a whole-of-life approach to asset optimisation and have an unrivalled track record of keeping things flowing through even the worst natural disasters.

Services include:

  • Future-proofed three waters construction and maintenance solutions
  • Long-term asset management and optimisation
  • Network management and resilience solutions
  • Design, construct and maintain water solutions

Sponsoring Conservation Volunteers and the Tread Lightly Trust Drain Game

Our community connections can be seen through a bunch of activities, including volunteer events with Conservation Volunteers and our sponsorship of the Tread Lightly Trust Drain Game in Auckland. Our support of Conservation Volunteers and schemes like 2 in a Ute add value to our people and our communities and are a clear demonstration of our commitment to We Care.

Across the country, Citycare Water engages with our communities through local environmental as well as educational and career development initiatives.

The strength of our community presence is reflected in our educational and career-building initiatives, creating awareness about opportunities in our Three Waters operations for future generations.

Robust, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions

Apex Water

  • Design and delivery of resilient, optimised, compliant wastewater solutions for New Zealand's major and boutique industries
  • Ensuring safe water supply for community consumption or industrial use
  • Providing peace of mind for our clients through one point of accountability, overseeing all aspects from design and consenting through to the building, installation and commissioning
  • Supply and installation of international leading-edge treatment technology
  • Enabling New Zealand's industry sectors to grow sustainably while caring for the environment
News and Views

Supporting waterways restoration with Conservation Volunteers

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Conservation Volunteers New Zealand (CVNZ) that aligns with our commitment to protect the health of our water.

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