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Young engineers programme in Auckland

28 November 2023

An initiative by our Auckland team is recognising and developing the talent of up-and-coming young engineers.

Led by Regional Manager Imran Ibrahim and Special Projects Lead John Twentyman, the group meets monthly to provide training and upskilling in contract-focused topics such as understanding contract conditions, financials, quality assurance, deliverables and leveraging opportunities for growth and improved profit margins.

Our young engineers are also tasked with researching and presenting findings on topics associated with work they may not be currently involved in to widen their general engineering knowledge.

Recent research topics include:

  • Construction of deep manholes -  by Jessica Auchterlonie & Hugh McGeady
  • Trenchless methods of pipeline constriction -  by Sherwin Michael & Henrique Nunes
  • Different methods of lining pipelines -  by Varinderjeet Singh & Nevil Patel