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Inspiring women in leadership

21 May 2024

Ivy Araujo and Amber Byrnes from the Citycare Water Christchurch team are sharing their career stories for the Christchurch City Holdings Ltd Te Puna Manawa programme, which aims to inspire female leadership in our wider council-owned organisations.

Their experiences are part of the Te Puna Manawa project Inspire Forward: stories of leadership, which recently went live in booklet format.

Amber is an apprentice on the water team who works in the field each day and studies for her Level 4 Drinking Water qualification. She enjoys being on a team where everyone supports each other and shares their knowledge.

“Keep having fun and don’t take life too seriously,” she recommends. “You will grow up, but for now, just chill and enjoy life.”

Ivy describes her work as a GIS Analyst as a perfect blend of creativity, analytical thinking, and technical prowess. She uses geospatial technology to solve real-world operational problems in the Christchurch water network.

Her philosophy is to stay curious and always ask questions. “Approach the world with an open mind and a sense of wonder.”

Ivy believes that establishing clear career pathways targeted leadership programmes, and expanded parental leave provisions would support women in technology leadership roles.

The booklet project aims to “inspire forward, celebrate diversity, and amplify leadership, " says our National Procurement Manager Amanda Henriksen. She’s a participant in Te Puna Manawa – CCHL Women’s Leadership Development Programme 2024 and the co-chair of the CCHL Women’s Network.