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Drought-stricken rural Aucklanders get emergency water

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17 March 2020

Residents in rural Auckland are tapping into Citycare’s water expertise to relieve unprecedented dry conditions.

It’s the residents who have tanks and rely on rainfall who need the most assistance as in these severe conditions many tank owners are out of water.

At nine places in Auckland and two locations on the Hauraki Gulf islands of Waiheke and Aotea/Great Barrier, the Citycare Water team has established new tanks or created public access to existing drinking water at Auckland Council sites.

“People who are on tank supplies use their tank water within their homes and to keep livestock alive and can be waiting weeks before commercial tankers can refill their tanks as demand is so high,” Citycare Water Auckland Divisional Manager Sophie Guest said.

On behalf of Auckland Council’s water supply team Healthy Waters, in the last three weeks the Citycare Water team assisted by expanding tap connections at existing public water locations such as toilet blocks, community halls and Auckland Council buildings like recreation and service centres.

The Citycare Water team established new tap access points or set up water tanks on temporary sites to provide convenient community access.

The emergency supplies are all potable water so people can safely use it in their homes.

While the systems are set up to help residents fill one 20-litre container each per day, many people are turning up with smaller bottles and all sorts of containers to take water home and the Citycare Water team has set up the tap fittings so all shapes and sizes are catered for.

“The team is now monitoring the supplies to maintain them and ensure there’s water for the residents who come to fill their containers,” Sophie said.

At some venues that involves sensors in the tanks, while at others Citycare Water team members are visiting regularly or Council staff are keeping a close eye on the water level to alert the team.

Getting the emergency supplies established so fast was a real collaborative effort across the Auckland branch – congratulations to teams from small waters, meters and construction, Sophie said.

Depending on the weather, the supplementary water supplies may continue through this month and next.

The public water sites are at Whitford, Orere Point, Clevedon, Pukekohe, Paparimu, Waiuku, Hunua, Karaka, Kawakawa Bay, Waiheke Island and Aotea/Great Barrier Island. For more information on the exact locations, see this link 


Aotea Great Barrier site