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Wairarapa smart meter trial

5 April 2022

Citycare Water is leading a project in Greytown for Wellington Water and the South Wairarapa District Council to trial the potential benefits of smart water metering.

The trial will assess the ways in which smart water metering technology can help residents better manage their water usage and assist in detecting potential water leaks.

Citycare Water’s installation crew are currently working their way around the streets of Greytown installing a total of 250 smart meters for householders in the trial at the point of households’ water mains supply.

While the existing water meters are read once a year, the new smart meters will record real-time water usage and can proactively identify water leaks.

Wellington Water says approximately 40 percent of South Wairarapa water is lost due to leaks in water pipes.

The data from the smart meters has the potential to help identify and fix leaks as quickly as possible, which in turn helps save water for the region.

Citycare Water is partnering with Advizzo to provide trial participants with a web portal so householders can view their daily water usage. The Advizzo platform also provides tips on ways to save water.

“Smart metering is a great example of using technology to help provide householders and water utilities with water usage and network performance insights,” says Kevin Leith, Citycare Water’s Head of Strategy & Growth.

Citycare Water has proven expertise in Water Technology solutions including smart meters, intelligent sensors and data insights platforms – our Water Technology Team develops specific solutions to meet clients’ needs.

The numerous benefits these innovative solutions provide for clients include streamlining the data capture to insights process and enabling a shift from reactive to pro-active asset management so that potential issues can be identified and resolved before becoming real issues.

Pictured: Eru Te Kahika and Roland Fonoti at work on the installations.