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State-of-the-art ROV

28 February 2022

Citycare Water’s new Deep Trekker Revolution underwater remote-operated vehicle (ROV) was put through its paces at Jellie Park Pool in Christchurch for training purposes recently.

This state-of-the-art machine imported from Canada was chosen from among the suitable ROVs available globally and is the first Deep Trekker Revolution to be distributed in New Zealand by specialist marine technology suppliers Wright’s.

The ROV will be used primarily for water reservoir inspections in the hills around Christchurch and Water Maintenance Fitter Mark Blackburn will be its regular driver.

Citycare Water undertakes the reservoir maintenance inspections on behalf of the Christchurch City Council and the ROV operates in the dark of the covered tanks while he manoeuvres it remotely from outside.

The ROV weighs 26kg, has powerful lights (11,000 lumens), and measures 700mm by 400mm by 400mm.

Its battery lasts for six hours and it can operate up to 300m from the remote controller.

The footage it captures is seen on the controller’s 17cm viewing screen and then analysed back in the office for signs of wear and tear in the reservoirs.

Citycare Water Manager Pumps and Storage Chris Barron says the key benefit for councils of the ROV is that they don’t need to take an asset offline to undertake an inspection.

The ROV has many other potential uses and the team is looking forward to getting the most from this new innovation.